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Treat Yourself

How about getting a gift on Mother’s Day you know you’ll love by treating yourself? Most of these items are available on Amazon, which means you’ll get them lickety-split! Also, nothing listed is crazy expensive, even better.

Now be prepared, these are items quilters would love to have in their sewing room as they create. Not necessarily quilting-related themselves, all of these things I must have nearby when I quilt. They are meant to enhance your experience in your quilting space. I use each and every one. 

How to Use this List

Save this page. Send it to your family when they ask what to get you for any special occassion. Or, just be proactive and send it to them right now! 😉

I’ve numbered the list to make it easy for you to send it to someone with a quick note of “1, 3, 7, 8…” to let them know which items you want! 

I also included links to Amazon or my online shop to make it easy for everyone involved. Each photo is a link, as well as a link somewhere in the text.

Enjoy browsing, and don’t forget to send this page link to your people!


1. It’s rare to see me without this hands-free device around my neck. I prefer these to earbuds because I can pull them out of my ears and not worry about losing them. They connect to my phone and I can take calls on them, listen to audio books, talk-text, etc. They have a long battery life, and don’t take long to charge either. Of course, you’ll enjoy using them outside of your sewing room, too.

2. A companion to the previously noted earbuds, this little stand folds up to fit in your pocket. Then, it adjusts perfectly to watch your favorite YouTube tutorial as you sew. I can prop it up right next to my machine and it never gets in the way.

I also use it to keep my son quiet in public.

3. These transparent containers have made life so much easier for me. I use them to group projects in progress together so I don’t lose pieces and parts. Not too big, not too small, they are just right for quilters.

4. While I am not a coffee drinker, my husband is. I got this mug warmer for his office, and he loves it! It has temerature control to keep your beverage to the warmness you can tolerate. A really cool feature is it senses when you place your mug on it and automatically turns on, as well as off.

5. Need a moment to live vicariously at a quilting retreat? Jennifer Chiaverini’s series are fun and fast reads. I really wanted to be friends with the people in her novels. 

These books have been around for a while now, but if you are new to quilting, dive in! This is the first in the series.

6. How about a quilty T-shirt? This is just one of the many quilty clothing items I offer in my shop. Have a look here. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

7. Enjoy seventeen pages of all types of project planners for your next quilt. Only $5.oo, print as many times as you like for as many projects you want. These are offered here on my site in floral, Aztec, or plain.

8. I’m a little obsessed with hand lotion – no dry hands here. This Dionis brand goat milk hand lotion is THE best ever, and these variety packs mean you get to try a few delicious scents. I have these little tubes everywhere: my purse, my car, my bedside, and in my sewing machine cabinet, naturally.

9. If you have not tried serrated fabric scissors yet, then you don’t know what you are missing. So I’m going to tell you now: they are AMAZING! I ordered these just needing a new pair of fabric scissors and not really paying attention to the serrated part.

Then, I cut fabric with them, and WOW! In short, they grip the fabric as you cut, so the fabric does not slide away from you while cutting. At around $60, they are worth every penny: the scissors you didn’t know you needed – and you can have them tomorrow!

10. Not to distract you from your actual quilting time, but this puzzle is at least quilt-related even if you aren’t actually quilting. Plus, I love Rebecca Barker’s beautiful quilty artwork.

My son is four, so I haven’t puzzled in as much time. I can’t wait to get back to it when he can be trusted not to destroy it.

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