Weight Loss & The Upcycled T-Shirt Tote

The Upcycled T-Shirt Tote pattern is a great way to reduce textile waste by repurposing clothes that no longer fit!

7 Ways to Afford Quilting During Inflationđź’°

When money is tight, there are ways to quilt for less – even for free! Here are seven ideas.

Amarillo Garden: The 🦇Halloween👻 Version

Halloween looks good on this version of the Amarillo Garden quilt pattern.

RUnning Low on Fabric? Piecing the pieces

Piecing a print when you are running low is the way to eek out enough fabric to finish your quilt.

Making a Quilt Design Wall

Making a quilt design wall can be easy and cheap.

Decorative Binding Stitching

A Custom Touch!I didn't know this was a thing. Using a decorative stitch to tack down binding? Who knew? Apparently a lot of people. I recently saw a post come through my Instagram feed where someone had used a decorative stitch for their binding. I was instantly...

Joining the Ends of Binding – The Cheater Way

It's super simple!I'm just gonna dive right in. Start with 2.5" strips (not on the bias), and join them end to end. Then, fold in half wrong sides together and press with a hot iron. Next, align the raw edges of the quilt back and binding strip. Begin stitching...

Spray Basting a Quilt

One of our hens comes to check things out on the front porch...while Freya the cat stands guard, glaring. You've finished your quilt top, and now you're ready to make that sandwich and quilt it! What's the best way to baste a quilt? Well, that's entirely subjective. I...

Sheer Applique Vintage Tablecloth Transformed into a Beautiful Quilted Wall Hanging (must love green!)

My mother-in-law knows me well! Not everyone can say this, I realize. She found this gorgeous vintage tablecloth in a thrift store and snagged it for me!! She gave it to me for Christmas. My favorite present that year, of course. I instantly put all other projects on...