About Me

I’m Emma Powell, or Emma Jane if you prefer to call me by my southern, double name. Named after my paternal grandmother, Emma Lee Powell – a quilter not to be reckoned with, I was born a quilter. It’s in my blood. My mother’s a quilter. My mother-in-law is a quilter. I’m continuing a family legacy here!

After three decades of quilting, I have tried most everthing. A fan of all kinds of quilting, I have narrowed down my style to three staples: vintage, scrappy, and repurposed. You will find one or all three of those elements in any of my quilt designs.

I spent 10 years as a middle and high public school ESL teacher. I apply what I learned about teaching public school to the quilting workshops I teach. Seeing my passion for quilting reflected in a student’s work is truly an honor. 

Above photo taken in Pisac, Peru circa 2014.

Right photo taken in Otavalo, Ecuador circa 2014.

Global Inspiration

I fell in love with learning about foreign cultures from a fantastic Spanish teacher in high school. I’ve had the fortune to study abroad in Spain, teach English in Costa Rica, and travel for lengthy periods to various Spanish speaking countries in Central & South America. This has greatly influenced my creative style and my appreciation for craft art. 

And yes, I do speak Spanish fairly well. 

Quilt Swag

Frustrated that I couldn’t find funny and pretty quilt wear, I created my own. Visit my shop to find a variety of quilt related tshirts and sweatshirts.