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Quilt Journal Prompts

Get FREE quilt journal prompts to your inbox in my Monthly Message. Meant to inspire your creative quilting journey, I begin with a quote from someone, provide a little elaboration, and kick off your thoughts with a question or statement for you to reflect on in the given writing space. I make them pretty so you can collect them in a binder over time.

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The Ultimate Ucycled T-Shirt Tote Pattern Is Here

Do you have a beloved, but seldom worn t-shirt lying around, just calling to be used again? This is the pattern for you! Repurpose that t-shirt and create a new use for it. This is an excellent “inbetween quilts” project to flex your sewing skills.

Challenge yourself to upcycle multiple textiles, such as old jeans, thrifted tablecloths, and fabric from your stash. Feel great about reducing textile waste with this tote!

emma powell quilt tribune

Meet Emma

Emma loves spreading her passion for quilting by inspiring confidence in beginners and expanding skills & creativity in veteran quilters.

Her jam? Finding ways to use discarded vintage textiles and upcycling clothing in quilts. SHe finds reducing textile waste via quilting an added bonus to the art of quilting.

See examples of her work in the photos below. When she isn’t quilting, she enjoys antiquing and thrifting. She also speaks Spanish fairly well, and has traveled to four continents, including numerous Spanish speaking countries. 


Grab ’em while they’re hot!

Quilt Documentation Form

This template gives you space for fabric swatches, a photo, reflection, and memorable details about your quilt. Print as many as you like!

Quilt / Mattress Size Comparison Chart

Get this visual chart showing quilt sizes as compared to standard mattress sizes, crib-king size. It’s the ONLY chart out there like this!!

Quilt Journal Prompts

Do you like to journal? Each month, I pick an inspirational quote, I elaborate a little, and then set you off with a question or statement to start you off. Absolutely free!

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