Take Your Quilting Skills to the Next Level


Are you in a creative rut?

  • Tired of using the same old quilting designs?
  • Wanting to learn fresh embellishment techniques?
  • Need a jump-start on a UFO?
  • Keen on using scraps & what you already have?
  • Intrigued by storytelling through quilting?

I can help.

“I’ve been there. Stuck using the same quilting designs I mastered years ago. Wanting to jazz up a quilt, but not sure what new technique to try, or how to do it. Afraid to try something new lest I mess it all up. I know what it feels like to be creatively stuck.”

“I can help you get past those mental blocks, and on the path to trying new skills with confidence. Believe me, I’ve made all the mistakes for you, so now you won’t have to!”


Emma Jane Powell

emma powell quilt tribune

Helping quilters become confident with primitive and modern emblellishment techniques, using sustainable materials to craft unique projects.

emma powell quilt tribune

Take a Chance on Yourself and Learn

Something New

Ruler Work  ·  Surface Design

Embellishment  ·  Big Stitching

Varied Textiles


I specialize in storytelling through the South American craft artistry, arpilleras. I offer a fascinating one hour program on the compelling history of how arpilleras came to be a powerful medium of women’s resistance during the Chilean dictatorship. I enjoy following up this program with an arpilleras workshop, where quilters can tell their stories through this straightforward applique tapestry closely resembling a quilt top.

Guild & Group Events

I love hosting in-person programs and workshops for retreats and monthly programming. I travel on a limited basis, so act quickly to book me!

Virtual Programming

Anything I offer in person, I can offer virtually. Many prefer virtual so they don’t have to haul their materials and equipment anywhere. I am fully prepared for a seamless experience.


Click the quilt block icon above to view the patterns I have written and offer as downloadable PDF files.

Quilt Apparel

Show off your love for quilting and sewing with my collection of unique T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sleeveless tops. Click the icon above.


Browse my latest fabric destash collection. Purchase downloadable PDF quilt planners. Click the shopping bag icon above.


Grab ’em while they’re hot!

Quilt Documentation Form

This template gives you space for fabric swatches, a photo, reflection, and memorable details about your quilt. Print as many as you like!

Quilt / Mattress Size Comparison Chart

Get this visual chart showing quilt sizes as compared to standard mattress sizes, crib-king size. It’s the ONLY chart out there like this!!

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