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Quilt Play

With a four year old son, I like to find ways to engage him with quilting. While I don’t expect or care if he actually wants to make a quilt someday, I do hope to establish interest and appreciation in the craft.

When I found these Patchwork Pattern Tiles at a museum store, I didn’t think twice about buying them. I knew they would be a great manipulative for my son’s age, while subliminally promoting quilting. 😉

What young child doesn’t love something they can dump on the floor and spread all over?

Like a puzzle, these tiles are half square triangles with a different design on each side. 

At my son’s age (4) he does best to just play and make something up as he goes along. In this case, it was pizzas! 🤣

We have fun making designs together. Then my son has fun destroying all the hard work. It’s fine. Knowing I’ve found an activity that holds his attention for more than five minutes is a win in my book.

For older children, or adults, there are planned designs on the inside lid (see photo) you can create, much like a puzzle. I can’t wait to do this with Jeffrey when he’s a little older. It will be fun to find all the pieces and creating a “quilt” from a pattern.

If you would love to get your own to try with your grandkids or with your quilty friends, click here to go right to my affiliate link.

Would you like to see more about Patchwork Pattern Tiles? Watch my YouTube video below talking all about them.