Finished Size 58″ x 73″

Cadena, meaning “chain” in Spanish, is the stunning single Irish chain quilt I always wanted to design and make. When I found four of the strawberry fabric squares in an antique store, Irish chain is what instantly popped in my mine. Irish chain quilts were first recorded in the US in 1814, and have been made and designed many times over since then.

I’ve created a pattern with step-by-step instructions and diagrams for nearly every step. This is perfect for a beginner quilter. It is a fast and easy make for any quilter.

I loved the pattern! It was very organized. It is my favorite that I have done this year! What a fun pattern to put together!

Beth A.

Very straightforward pattern with awesome diagrams. This beautiful version of an Irish chain with space to highlight a favorite fabric is beginner friendly and easy to customize.

Meghan M.

I absolutely love this pattern, another fantastic one!!!

Lorryn B.

Such a great pattern, even for a newish quilter!

Fiona M.

Emma did it again with a stunning pattern. This was so fun and easy. I absolutely love how the chain waves with its different sizes.

Ashley D.

Cadena Quilt Pattern

This is the perfect pattern try your hand at if you are a beginner. A seasoned quilter will find this to be a fast and easy quilt. Its traditional and timeless simplicity truly is the charm of this quilt.