Amarillo Garden Quilt Pattern

My Premiere Pattern: Amarillo Garden

This quilt pattern was inspired by the vintage (circa 1950s) yellow (amarillo in Spanish) floral fabric you see above right. The dark, mahagony and green fabric choices were chosen reminiscent of a quilt my grandmother made in the 1970s. This quilt turned out exactly how I wanted (which doesn’t always happen), and that’s why I am proud to offer it to you as my premiere pattern publication. A confident beginner would be able to complete this pattern with chain piecing and clever piecing tricks, all explained step-by-step and with diagrams throughout the pattern. 

This quilt finishes as slightly larger than a twin size. Given the right fabric palette, it would be great as a holiday quilt. The geometric, puzzled look of the quilt add interest with the stars popping through the grid.

And now for the tester parade! (Drumroll, please.)

This is a beautiful pattern. I can’t wait to get my version out in a field to do some full on beauty shots.

Lorynn B.

Pattern Tester

I had a wonderful time making this quilt! You are a talented pattern maker.

Katie S.

Pattern Tester

I love this pattern so much!

Jessica D.

Pattern Tester

I saw Emma’s Amarillo Garden Quilt and instantly saw vintage Halloween.

Ashley P.

Pattern Tester

Amarillo Garden Pattern

With this pattern, you will have a quilt you can be proud to have or to give. Create the dazzling look in no time flat with chain piecing and easy to follow instructions with diagrams to help you along. Let’s get started!