Until I discovered Diane Phalen, I never thought about quilting with paint and a brush rather than needle and thread. How is that possible? Diane appropriately calls herself The Quilt Painter.

Her quilts are unique watercolors!

You will find her paintings are colorful and seasonal, and always  include a quilt or two. I love them all, from her stark winter scenes with bursts of color in the quilts, to beachy, fall, and summer scenes with palm trees, pumpkins, and sunflowers. They are all stunning and creative.

For years she has offered her art by way of prints, note cards, puzzles, and book marks. Now, she’s expanded her product offerings to include fabric and wall paper through Spoonflower!

I am so happy to share Diane’s quilty art with you, and to tell you more about her as an artist.

In her home state of Pennsylvania, Diane loved seeing quilts hanging in the breeze. Her first painting with a quilt was of a country store, where she envisioned a quilt hanging on the porch. After that, there was no stopping her. Her favorite is incorporating the name of the quilt with applicable surroundings, such as a Mariner’s Compass quilt by a lighthouse.

What’s ironic is that Diane is not a quilter in the fabric and thread sense. Though she tried, she didn’t think she was very good at it, and found her talents were bettern applied to creating quilts with watercolors.

She does own several quilts which were gifted to her, to include one given to her when her mother passed several years ago. 

You’ll find three books written by Diane through an Amazon search. One is a painting book, demonstrating her watercolor technique step-by-step. The other two books include quilt patterns from her paintings. On her website, you will also find an adult coloring book of her “quiltscapes.”

Having spent part of her adult life in Oregon and California, you will find some of her paintings reflect the log cabins and mountains typical of that part of the country. While back in Pennsylvania now, her art continues to reflect its Amish farmhouses, covered bridges, rolling hills and grassy meadows.

Where can you find Diane Phalen?

While she no longer travels great distances to shows, she does a few local quilt and art shows in Pennsylvania. You can check her website for her show schedule. 

I hope through Diane’s work, you have found a new way to appreciate the art of quilting. Look for her on Facebook at Diane Phalen Watercolors. She’s new to Instagram, but you an find her there, and of course her website: dianephalendotcom.
As for me and my Diane Phalen curated collection…I am the proud owner of a couple of signed prints. My absolute favorite is the Halloween print – I loooooove Halloween decor. I also own a couple of her puzzles, which are now dormant due to my toddler. When he grows up a little, I’ll be so excited to pull them back out!


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